Has any quarterback been to 3 Super Bowls in a row? (2023)

Has any quarterback been to 3 Super Bowls in a row?

Griese was the first quarterback to lead a franchise to three consecutive Super Bowls, although he was injured for much of the first season before coming on to relieve Earl Morral in the playoffs. In the second season, Griese led the Dolphins to the only undefeated season in NFL history.

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Has any quarterback ever won 3 Super Bowls in a row?

Bart Starr (I, II)

The first Super Bowl MVP, Starr also won NFL MVP during the 1966 season. The only quarterback to win three consecutive NFL titles, Starr also took home the MVP of Super Bowl II.

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How many quarterbacks have been in 3 Super Bowls?

Complete List of Quarterbacks With Multiple Super Bowl Starts
QuarterbackStartsYear Super Bowl Played
Troy Aikman31993, 1994, 1996
Bob Greise31972, 1973, 1974
Ben Roethlisberger32006, 2009, 2011
Patrick Mahomes32020, 2021, 2023
17 more rows
Feb 6, 2023

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Which NFL quarterback has the most consecutive Super Bowl appearances?

Tom Brady's 10 Super Bowl appearances are the most among quarterbacks in NFL history. John Elway appeared in five Super Bowls, while Terry Bradshaw, Jim Kelly, Peyton Manning, Joe Montana and Roger Staubach all appeared in four.

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Who went to 3 Super Bowls in a row?

In all the NFL seasons that the Super Bowl has been played, only three times has the same football franchise made it to the Big Game three years in a row. The Miami Dolphins did it from 1971 to 1973, the Buffalo Bills from 1990 to 1993, and the New England Patriots have done it from 2016 to 2018.

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What QB has never lost a Super Bowl?

Zeke Bratkowski didn't lose in Super Bowls in his career.
Zeke BratkowskiSuper Bowl0.0
Bart StarrSuper Bowl2.1
Joe NamathSuper Bowl0.0
Babe ParilliSuper Bowl0.0
46 more rows

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Who was the best NFL quarterback of all time?

The Best NFL Quarterbacks of All Time
  1. Tom Brady. Icon Sportswire / Getty Images.
  2. Joe Montana. Montana was prolific: He passed for 40,551 yards and collected 293 total touchdowns (including rushing) in his storied career. ...
  3. Johnny Unitas. ...
  4. Peyton Manning. ...
  5. Patrick Mahomes. ...
  6. John Elway. ...
  7. Steve Young. ...
  8. Terry Bradshaw. ...
Apr 17, 2023

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Which 4 teams have never been to the Super Bowl?

There are four teams that haven't yet played in a Super Bowl: Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars, Detroit Lions, and Houston Texans. Here are the NFL teams that haven't won a Super Bowl, in order of the number of appearances they've made, and their most recent appearance: Minnesota Vikings: 4, last appearance 1977.

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Has any player won a Super Bowl with 3 teams?

Has any player won a Super Bowl with three different teams? Matt Millen, a former linebacker, was on the 49ers for their win in 1989.

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Who played in 5 consecutive Super Bowls?

Gilbert is the only player in NFL history to be a member of five straight Super Bowl teams; four with the Bills (XXV–XXVIII) and one with the Chargers (XXIX). All five teams lost.

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Who is the longest serving quarterback in the NFL?

Updated through the 2022 regular season.

Tom Brady has played the most NFL games at quarterback, 335. Jason Hanson holds the NFL record of 21 seasons with the same team as placekicker for the Lions. Jerry Rice played 303 games as a wide receiver, an NFL record.

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Who has the most wins as a rookie QB?

The most wins in an NFL season by a rookie quarterback is 13. This feat was first achieved by Ben Roethlisberger (USA) of the Pittsburgh Steelers (USA) in 2004. It was equalled by Dak Prescott (USA) of the Dallas Cowboys (USA) in 2016.

Has any quarterback been to 3 Super Bowls in a row? (2023)
What NFL team has never been to the playoffs?

They are as follows: Atlanta Falcons. Arizona Cardinals. Buffalo Bills.

Who is the only quarterback to win with 2 teams?

Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are the only starting quarterbacks to have won Super Bowls for two NFL teams, while Craig Morton and Kurt Warner are the only other quarterbacks to have started for a second team.

Who has most consecutive Super Bowls?

The San Francisco 49ers hold the record for the longest winning streak in Super Bowl history, with five straight victories between 1982 and 1995.

Who is the winningest quarterback in Super Bowl history?

Tom Brady

Who is the youngest QB to win a Super Bowl?

Ben Roethlisberger, Super Bowl XL

Big Ben is the youngest QB to win the Super Bowl, having done so in 2006 when the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Seattle Seahawks 21-10. Roethlisberger was just 23 years, 11 months and three days old in the win, making him the only signal caller that age to hoist the Lombardi.

Which QB has lost to all 32 teams?

#1 Brett Favre

He is the 1st QB to defeat all 32 current NFL teams.

Who is richest NFL player?

The deal makes Jackson the highest-paid player in NFL history in terms of average annual value ($52 million), just edging out Philadelphia Eagles star Jalen Hurts ($51 million) Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers ($50.27 million).

Who is the best NFL player ever in history?

The list
1Jerry Rice49ers
2Jim BrownBrowns
3Lawrence TaylorGiants
4Joe Montana49ers
91 more rows

How many quarterbacks have been to 4 Super Bowls?

Quarterbacks with multiple Super Bowl starts

Brady has won seven. John Elway has started five Super Bowls, winning two. Jim Kelly started four Super Bowls without winning any, a record. He's one of seven quarterbacks who have started four Super Bowls.

How many NFL teams have three quarterbacks?

Following the two-quarterback trend

In the AFC, seven teams have three quarterbacks. That includes the New York Jets, whose starter, Zach Wilson, is recovering from a knee injury, the New England Patriots, the Miami Dolphins, the Indianapolis Colts, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Los Angeles Chargers.

How many quarterbacks have been to a Super Bowl?

By being a Super Bowl starting quarterback, you add your name to one of the most coveted lists in all of professional sports. Throughout the numerous years of Super Bowls, 64 different quarterbacks have started.

Do most NFL teams carry 3 quarterbacks?

As a practical matter, the new rule is likely to prompt most teams to carry three quarterbacks on their 53-man rosters. That was the common practice from 1991 through 2010, but some clubs chose to carry only two quarterbacks on their active roster after the third-QB rule was originally revoked.


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